March 5, 2024

The number of active Apple devices worldwide has surpassed two billion. This includes iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other Apple devices, according to Apple’s latest earnings report for the first fiscal quarter of 2024.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook announced in a press release that our active devices’ installed base has exceeded 2.2 billion, marking a significant milestone for Apple across all products and geographic segments.

The company has achieved a new milestone with a record-breaking 2.2 billion active devices. Apple previously disclosed its active install base figures in January 2023, reporting 2 billion active devices globally.

Apple has refrained from disclosing specific figures for each device, however, the tech giant has maintained a consistent track record of surpassing the one billion mark in terms of active iPhones globally.

In the earnings call held to discuss the financial performance of the first fiscal quarter of 2024, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, addressed the topic of artificial intelligence. Cook emphasized that Apple is dedicating a significant amount of time and resources towards advancing AI technology, promising to reveal further information later in the year.

There have been rumors circulating that Apple’s forthcoming iOS 18 software release could potentially be the most significant software update ever seen on their devices. These rumors suggest that the update will introduce various artificial intelligence (AI) features.

According to reports, Apple is actively developing generative AI technology that aims to enhance Siri, the Messages app, and other aspects of their operating system. The integration of AI is expected to extend beyond just Siri, reaching popular apps like Apple Music, Pages, Xcode, and more.

Furthermore, Apple is reportedly planning to integrate extensive language models into Siri, enabling the virtual assistant to automate complex tasks. This integration will facilitate a deeper connection between Siri and the Shortcuts app.

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