October 3, 2023

During an interview with CBS, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, expressed his disapproval of certain aspects of Elon Musk’s X (previously known as Twitter). Cook condemned the platform’s apparent issue with anti-semitism, describing it as “abhorrent”.

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Despite this, he acknowledged the importance of Twitter as a platform for discourse. When questioned about whether Apple should advertise on X, Cook stated that this is a matter that the company “constantly” evaluates.

Additionally, Cook was asked about the release date of the Vision Pro, a headset that has reportedly faced manufacturing delays. Cook confirmed that the Vision Pro is still on schedule, reiterating his statements from last week’s iPhone 15 “Wonderlust” event.

When queried about the similarities between the obstacles encountered during the production of the iPhone and the Vision Pro, Cook responded by stating that the latter was “more intricate”. He further elaborated that the intricacy of the Vision Pro necessitated innovation not only in the development phase but also in the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, the interview encompassed Apple’s environmental endeavors, which included an examination of the carbon footprint of the recently launched Apple Watch Series 9.

During the interview, Cook expressed his desire for Apple to exhibit that achieving carbon neutrality can be a profitable venture, thereby enabling other companies to emulate their approach. The company has been successful in reducing its overall carbon footprint, as per their reports.

As part of its ambitious climate goal for 2030, Apple has ceased the use of leather in all of its product lines. The company intends to replace leather with a new textile called FineWoven, which is an elegant and durable twill made from 68% post-consumer recycled content.

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