February 29, 2024

Whether you want to take the show on the road or just want to be able to watch TV series and movies on a big screen at home, a portable projector is a great way to do it. They can go anywhere, are small enough to fit in a bag, and aren’t permanent installations in your home. And now you can get one of your own at a price that has never been seen before.

The Anker Nebula Capsule Max would normally set you back around $470 but Amazon will ship you one today for the low price of just $350. It’s a price that doesn’t require any messing around with codes or coupons, thankfully, but there is currently no indication of when the deal will end. That means that buying now is the best route to go down if you want to be sure of getting this discounted price.

The Nebula Capsule Max is small yet has all of the features that you’d expect, starting with the ability to create an image of up to 100 inches big. It has a built-in speaker so you don’t need to take your own if you’re traveling, and it’ll run for up to four hours per charge as well. That’s more than enough for even the longest of movies and plenty of time for marathon gaming sessions.

This portable projector provides a native 720p HD image and you can download all of your favorite video streaming apps via the Nebula Manager Store, too. You can control the whole thing from your phone and there is support for HDMI and USB connectivity not to mention AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Mirracast.

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