March 5, 2024

An Amazon employee was associated with the company for a period of seven years recently alleged that he was terminated from his position after sharing a video on TikTok.

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In the video, he humorously requested customers to refrain from ordering heavy items as he was tired of lifting them.

According to the New York Post, the TikToker, known as @thatamazonguyy or Kendall, disclosed this information in a video posted last week.

He expressed his disappointment at being fired by the retail giant, stating, “Seven long years down the drain just like that.”

Kendall, who also goes by the moniker “Amazon King” on the social media platform, explained that he made the video approximately four weeks ago.

While many viewers found it amusing, some individuals, particularly senior citizens, were not amused. Kendall acknowledged this and apologized, emphasizing that his intention was never to offend or discriminate against anyone.

He expressed regret for any offense caused and requested forgiveness, noting that he had already lost his job and was ineligible for rehire.

In other news, Audible, an audiobook and podcast division owned by Amazon, is reportedly laying off over 100 employees, which accounts for 5% of its workforce.

This downsizing is part of the broader job cuts taking place within the e-commerce giant, which has also affected Twitch, Prime Video, and MGM Studios. According to Variety, Amazon is implementing staff reductions at Audible as well.

Meanhwile, YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, is undergoing a restructuring process that involves laying off a minimum of 100 employees from its creator management and operations teams.

The announcement of these layoffs was made internally by YouTube’s Chief Business Officer, Mary Ellen Coe. As per the report, YouTube intends to consolidate its content creator management teams and establish dedicated central leadership in each country.

Furthermore, there are indications of reorganization within YouTube’s music and support teams. In an internal staff memo, Coe stated that these changes aim to streamline YouTube’s business operations. However, the specific number of employees affected has not been disclosed.

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