March 1, 2024

Shane MacGowan, that walking bolt of drunken electricity that kicked punk rock’s door down, died today. And no, he’s not from Kilkenny but take it easy on me, alright? I’m in mourning. And it’s just such a great instrumental. That yelp!

No pub from Dublin to London was safe from the brawling frontman during his reign of musical fervor. As the lead singer of The Pogues, MacGowan wed traditional Irish tunes to punk rock with expert craft and brazenness, popularizing Celtic rock and introducing folk punk to many a disgruntled, train-hopping youth. MacGowan was a staunch supporter of the IRA and didn’t mince words on politics.

But enough prattling- his life is best summarized through his music. And maybe through a documentary.

And, if you’d like an Irishman’s prayer for the holidays that started morosely to end on a chipper note-