June 2, 2023

A 13-year-old woman was bitten multiples time in a shark assault on a Florida seashore final week. She survived by punching the fish within the face–simply as naturalists suggest–deterring it from ending its meal.

Ella Reed, talking to ABC Native 10 Information:

Reed informed Native 10 Information that she obtained 19 stitches after being bitten within the abdomen, arm, finger and the highest of her knee. “I used to be kinda in shock about all the pieces that occurred, so I wasn’t actually in ache as a result of the adrenaline was by way of the roof,” she stated. Reed, a Florida native, stated that she’s by no means been afraid of the ocean and even after this encounter, she plans on getting proper again into the water. “It was clear water so that you by no means actually know when it may occur,” she stated. Reed believes she was bitten by a bull shark about 5 to six ft lengthy and is at residence recovering.

Here is the College of Florida on find out how to keep away from shark assaults:

1. All the time stick with a buddy, since sharks usually tend to method a solitary particular person.
2. Don’t wander too removed from shore. Being removed from shore additionally isolates you from any emergency help.
3. Train warning when occupying the realm between sandbars or close to steep dropoffs, these are favourite hangouts for sharks.
4. Keep away from being within the water throughout low mild hours (daybreak or nightfall) and at evening when many sharks are most lively and feeding.
5. Sharks have by no means been proven to be drawn to the scent of human blood, nonetheless, it might nonetheless be advisable to remain out of the water if bleeding from an open wound.
6. Carrying shiny jewellery is discouraged as a result of the mirrored mild could resemble the sheen of fish scales.
7. Keep away from areas with recognized effluents or sewage and people being utilized by sport or industrial anglers, particularly if there are indicators of bait fishes or feeding exercise. Diving seabirds are good indicators of those fishes’ presence.
8. Keep away from water being utilized by leisure or industrial anglers.
9. Sightings of porpoises or dolphins don’t point out the absence of sharks, each usually eat the identical meals objects.
10. Use further warning when waters are murky, some shark species can have simply as a lot bother seeing as you.
11. Keep away from uneven tanning, bright-colored and/or excessive contrasting clothes, sharks see distinction notably effectively.
12. Chorus from extra splashing, notably in a single spot. Sharks can hear the low-frequency sounds from splashing and should examine to see if there’s a fish/prey in misery.
13. Don’t enter the water if sharks are recognized to be current. Slowly and calmly evacuate the water if sharks are seen.

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